At Reed, our students learn about two important phrases you will hear about often: ReedPride Full Values and #ReedPride. At Reed, we follow a ‘Full Value Contract’, which is our process by which students and staff set behavioral expectations for the entire school community, adhere to the group goals, and regularly review and reflect on their progress. Our ‘Full Value Contract’ is an active contract for all areas of the school environment including our classrooms, hallways, the cafetorium, playgrounds, and buses. We utilize the core components of our ReedPride Full Values as monthly or bi-monthly school goals. Each day over Morning Announcements, Dr. Correia discusses our monthly goal and shares helpful strategies, tips, and anecdotes for teachers to further expand upon during daily Community Meetings.
ReedPride Full Value Topics Include:

Be Here
* Be Safe
* Be Honest
* Set Goals
* Let Go & Move On
* Care For Self and Others
* Choose Kind


When students are following the rules, successfully practicing and modeling our ReedPride Full Value topics, and being kind to others, we let them know they are showing their #ReedPride! At Reed, we highlight student successes, praise hard work and perseverance, and teach students about the importance of having grit. When these actions are observed, we tell our students that we are proud of them… and of course, that they are showing their #ReedPride!

Inspiring Each Student to Excel

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